Benjamin students think big—really big. From Lower School through Upper School, teachers and coursework push them beyond what they imagine into areas of intellectual curiosity and personal discovery. Having shared in crafting their own learning, they navigate the moving horizons in our modern world, becoming passionate life-long learners.

Benjamin students think big—really big. Teachers and coursework push them beyond what they imagine into areas of intellectual curiosity and personal discovery, making them passionate life-long learners.


Preparing our children for the future challenges they will face is a shared commitment. The Benjamin School joins with parents to equip students with the skills they will need to become independent, self-directed, collaborative and fearless
thinkers—requirements for success in the 21st century.

I was able to graduate with nine Advanced Placement courses because The Benjamin School allowed me to start as a sophomore. I told my teachers I wanted to challenge myself, and they thought I was ready.— George Donaldson '14


Learning at Benjamin is an active verb. Teachers challenge students to test the status quo, make connections across disciplines and extend the horizons of knowledge. From science to social studies, literature to mathematics, world language and culture to the arts, The Benjamin School inspires excellence and innovation—both of ourselves and our students.

Thanks to Ms. Szeliga, I developed an insatiable interest in the mystery that is the brain. I'm planning on majoring in neuroscience in college.— Ally Sexton '14


Becoming fluent isn’t just about learning another language. Benjamin students learn to program Web pages in Flash, become adept at spreadsheets by comparing science lab data, and work collaboratively in projects such as the History Mystery. Introduced early to other worldviews and experiences, students become fluent in languages, technology and critical thinking.

I took French when I was in kindergarten at Benjamin, which inspired me. Thirty-six years ago, I came back to teach French to inspire other students, and I love every day at TBS.—Lisa Arline, Teacher, French

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