Inspiring Student Success MIDDLE SCHOOL, GRADES 6-8

The innovative Middle School curriculum is designed to meet the particular needs of maturing students as they move from childhood into adolescence.


Middle School is a vital developmental phase where students transform from children into adolescents. The Benjamin Middle School is designed to help students navigate this passage with an innovative curriculum that emphasizes project-based team learning.

Our strong advisory program supports students where they are intellectually, emotionally and socially while challenging them to take appropriate risks as they grow and mature.

Charles Hagy Head of Middle School


Benjamin’s Middle School, encompassing grades 6 through 8, is a comprehensive experience academically, athletically and artistically. Our dedicated faculty facilitates a culture of success. Through a wide range of interdisciplinary projects, class trips and extra-curricular clubs and sports, students learn to work both independently and on teams.

Project-based Learning
Students learn best when they are engaged with the material. That’s why Benjamin’s Middle School emphasizes cross-disciplinary, project-based learning in all grades. Units like the History Mystery, World War I and Project Monument incorporate history, social studies, literature, art, science, music and mathematics to teach concepts and develop skills.

Middle School Field Experiences
Each grade takes an all-class, off-campus trip that extends learning beyond the classroom and gives students a feel for independence. Grades 6 and 7 remain in state: Grade 6 spends a week at a nearby environmental science camp, while grade 7 journeys to the Keys to study marine biology. Grade 8 travels to Washington, DC, to witness the U.S. government in action as well visit the capital’s many historic sites.

Career Preparation
"What do you want to do when you grow up?" Benjamin Middle Schoolers are encouraged to begin exploring answers to this question through a variety of activities. Sixth-graders develop Biz Town, a fictional School-wide metropolis that they run for a day, learning the ins and outs of commerce. Seventh-graders create a resume and complete mock college interviews. Eighth-graders compete in a "Shark Tank"–inspired competition, pitching ideas to a panel comprised of alumni, parents and community leaders. These activities, together with periodic "professional dress days," are geared toward helping students anticipate their lives as adults and plan for their futures.


hours, on average, of community service completed by each student every year


Over the past several years, significant and major enhancements have been made to The Benjamin School safety and security effort. While no security system is foolproof, the improvements made are designed to minimize threats, direct and control pedestrian traffic, control vehicular traffic and provide for quick responses during an emergency.

These enhancements include:
  • Installing 6-foot perimeter fencing on both campuses
  • Increasing security personnel on both campuses
  • Creating an in-house director of public safety and security position to manage security
  • Installing door buzzer and camera systems at main entrance points for both campuses
  • Installing shatterproof glass to buildings outside of fenced perimeter
  • Installing check-in visitor systems at both campuses
  • Conducting live simulated crisis exercises on both campuses with local police and SWAT teams
  • Upgrading and expanding AED capability on both campuses
  • Including safety training and awareness as part of routine teacher in-service days
  • Enlisting a top-ranked school safety consultant to perform a risk analysis for both campuses

Through the efforts of a formal health, public safety and transportation committee, all aspects of safety are constantly monitored and improved.

student clubs and organizations

foreign languages offered: Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish

bring-your-own laptop or tablet program, assuring each student ready access to technology

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Middle School is a vital developmental phase where students transform from children into adolescents. The Benjamin Middle School is designed to help students navigate this passage.

Charles Hagy
Head of Middle School

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