Nurturing a Love of Learning LOWER SCHOOL, GRADES PK-5

Children are natural explorers.
The Lower School supports young
students’ curiosity with progressively challenging work that fosters their capacity for learning.


Our Lower School provides the very best child-focused education: one that is academically challenging and nurturing. Faculty pride themselves on knowing each child, which allows them to unlock the potential of each young learner.

We work together—parents, teachers and staff—to foster an environment that stretches students’ minds and imaginations, opening them to a world of new possibilities.

Kristen Sheehan Head of Lower School


Children begin their educational journey in Benjamin’s Lower School, Grades PK3-5. In core academic subjects, as well as in art, music, world languages and physical education, faculty focus intensely on children’s individual talents—encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. In the classroom and on the playground, we help students develop their individual voices so that they learn to advocate for themselves.

Building Fundamental Skills
Our program emphasizes foundational skills in reading, writing and mathematics, interwoven with sophisticated—and fun—learning experiences. One of the most-anticipated events each year is the Lower School Olympics, where each classroom adopts a country and delves into its culture, literature and customs—even connecting via Skype with schoolchildren in that country. Through the experience, students gain an appreciation for a variety of traditions around the world.

World Languages
Since its founding, The Benjamin School has emphasized the study of world languages from a young age. Lower School students from age 3 up learn Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish through games, music and stories. They become quite facile in moving back and forth between languages, an advantage of early exposure to other languages. As they advance through Lower School into Middle School, students eventually choose to focus their study on one language, but not before they have developed an appreciation for all.

Nature as Teacher
South Florida’s climate lends itself to outdoor activity, and we capitalize on this in the Lower School. Students spend part of each day outside for free play and for learning. Science classes, for example, use nature as a classroom, giving students the opportunity to explore the world around them. All classes eat lunch outdoors and enjoy two sessions of recess that provide an invaluable outlet for young children’s exuberant energy.


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Lower School

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When the school day concludes, Lower School parents have the option of enrolling their children in after-school care or taking advantage of the many enrichment programs, from homework club to golf, Zumba and karate. After-school care runs from 2:30 to 5:30 and is provided by bachelor’s-level teachers. Parents can register students for five days of ACE or select days, as well as on a drop-in basis.


Over the past several years, significant and major enhancements have been made to The Benjamin School safety and security effort. While no security system is foolproof, the improvements made are designed to minimize threats, direct and control pedestrian traffic, control vehicular traffic and provide for quick responses during an emergency.

These enhancements include:
  • Installing 6-foot perimeter fencing on both campuses
  • Increasing security personnel on both campuses
  • Creating an in-house director of public safety and security position to manage security
  • Installing door buzzer and camera systems at main entrance points for both campuses
  • Installing shatterproof glass to buildings outside of fenced perimeter
  • Installing check-in visitor systems at both campuses
  • Conducting live simulated crisis exercises on both campuses with local police and SWAT teams
  • Upgrading and expanding AED capability on both campuses
  • Including safety training and awareness as part of routine teacher in-service days
  • Enlisting a top-ranked school safety consultant to perform a risk analysis for both campuses

Through the efforts of a formal health, public safety and transportation committee, all aspects of safety are constantly monitored and improved.

The Benjamin School is made up of

students on two campuses

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Our Lower School provides the very best child-focused education: one that is academically challenging and nurturing. Faculty pride themselves on knowing each child, unlocking their potential.

Kristen Sheehan
Head of Lower School

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